I'm a botanical artist living near Canberra, Australia and I teach botanical and insect illustration. I love sharing the joy of botanical watercolour painting. Every time I paint a new plant, I learn something about it. I feel that botanical art gives people a new appreciation for nature, and for that subject in particular. I have learned about so many plants just from seeing them in paintings. Once you get your eye in and start looking at the details in them, you will be viewing plants in a whole different way. This tutorial is suitable for complete beginners, but intermediate students may also be interested in learning about the way I approach botanical painting. 

If you are interested in adding red eucalyptus flowers to your painting, you can pop over to my free tutorial on painting the flowers - then you could add them in to your Eucalyptus leaf composition.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Important: Copyright of this image and composition belongs to Cheryl Hodges. 

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