About this course

If you have ever looked at Eucalyptus flowers and thought they are too difficult to paint, then this is the tutorial for you. In this short course you will learn to observe Eucalyptus flowers, looking at the light and shade, in order to then draw a tonal study. After completing a careful, detailed drawing you will move on to paint the flowers from two slightly different angles., and then paint them in detail. I will talk you through every step, showing that they are not that difficult if you just go one step at a time.

This content will be useful for students who have completed the tutorial "Introduction to Botanical Art - Eucalyptus leaves". However it isn't absolutely necessary to have completed that tutorial. This tutorial is fairly casual, I'm just talking as I'm painting and there is minimal editing. 

Your instructor

Cheryl Hodges

Cheryl is a natural history artist, painting plants and insects in watercolour, on paper and vellum. She particularly enjoys painting Australian native plants and insects, and more recently has been focusing on threatened and endangered species. Cheryl teaches both botanical and insect illustration. She hopes that through her painting and teaching, she will encourage people to look at the natural world with curiosity and fascination and therefore be more inclined to look after it.

Cheryl has won numerous awards and her works are held in public and private collections in Australia and overseas. Cheryl has held two solo exhibitions. Cheryl has paintings in the permanent collections of the Florilegium of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, the CSIRO in Canberra, and the Florilegium of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.